This software is available under GPL v2 license.
Source code is available on GitHub.
Beta version
You can also download the deprecated objective-c version. This version is no longer supported, but can run on 10.8+ systems.

Version history

v 3.5.3 30.10.17

  • New attachment menu (preview files of any type before sending).
  • New sharing menu (add comments when sharing).

v 3.5 11.10.17

  • You can now send video messages. Tap the mic icon to switch to camera mode, then tap and hold to record video, release to send.
  • Control whether new members in supergroups can see the earlier message history.
  • Easily recognize messages from group admins by the new ‘admin’ badge.
  • Bug fixes and design improvements

v 3.1.1 29.07.17

  • Autocompletion for emoji. Start typing ‘:’ to get suggestions.
  • Search for messages by sender in supergroups. You can now find all messages left by a user in a supergroup.
  • Bug fixes and design improvements
  • Fixed an issue when new messages would sometimes not arrive when app was minimized.

v 3.1 19.07.17

  • Try the new dark mode in Settings > Appearance.
  • Search group members by name in large supergroups.

  • Numerous small enhancements:

  • Go to sticker pack via the context menu on a sticker in Recent Stickers.
  • Copy share links to messages in public groups.
  • Links, mentions, and hashtags now active in link previews for Instagram and Twitter URLs.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

v 3.00.1 04.07.17

  • Bug fixes and minor improvements

v 3.00 30.06.17

  • Supergroups can now have up to 10.000 members.
  • Appoint supergroup admins with granular rights. Choose who can add users, manage messages, block members, edit group info & username, add new admins, etc.
  • Restrict and ban supergroup members with granular precision. Read-only bans, GIF & sticker bans, media bans, temporary bans and restrictions.
  • Check the new event log to see all service actions taken by members and admins of a channel or supergroup in the last 48 hours – with search and filters.
  • Change your language in Settings.
  • Dozens of other quality of life improvements.

v 2.96.94514 25.04.17

  • Remove recent gifs
  • Messages context menu improvements
  • Bug fixes and improvements

v 2.30.51442 03.01.17

  • Delete messages for everyone. When you delete your messages in groups and one-on-one chats, you can now choose to delete them for everyone in the chat, not just yourself. This works only for recently sent messages (same as editing).
  • links. Use the short and personal instead of to link to any Telegram profile, channel or public group.
  • ‘Report spam’ button added to Secret chats.

v 2.28.51253 20.11.16

  • Groups in common. A new option in your contacts' profiles that shows a list of all groups you share with that person.
  • Squashed several bugs, including an issue that would cause unusually high CPU usage.